enigmind is a game for the ones that can make non obvious associations and  just have fun in figuring things out.  

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finally a good intellectual 

A challenging game for the curious and creative.

While other puzzle games are designed to challenge just your I.Q. (or persistence), this game is for the ones who love reading, watching movies, and are always eager to learn something new. Inside these people's beautiful minds, associations between ideas and information happen - and that's what enigmind is all about.

And the real fun is not about "knowing everything," it's about the pleasure of putting your brain to work, learn something online, come back to the puzzle, until Eureka! You got it right.

As you go through the different enigmas, you can ask for a hint to help you move forward – but it will hurt your final score if you care to compare it with other players. As you get enigmas right, you can unlock new ones to play.
If you got stuck on an enigma, or have any feedback, please  send us a message, we will be happy to get in touch with you!

​Have fun!

​enigmind team